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Venue Registration

The 2022/23 Venue Registration period starts in October 2023 and ends on the 30th November. Venues can renew or join outside of this window, but this will impact on some key venue and member benefits. You can renew your registration and find out more details here.

All venues have to adhere to the Venue Registration minimum standards, which you can find here.

There are several benefits to registering your venue, with the key one being access to the public liability insurance package through Howdens. Venues will also receive access to Clubspark, business services, a legal helpline, support through the regional delivery team and access to various programmes and competitions to benefit your members. Members at your venue will also get LTA Advantage Membership for free, which allows them to enter the Wimbledon ballots.

LTA Registered Venues are also eligible to play in the Bucks Shield leagues and receive loan or grant funding from Bucks Tennis.


All LTA Registered Venues will be required to meet six safeguarding standards as part of the registration process.

All the information can be found at the following link, along with FAQs and more resources:

The six standards are:


1) Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Venues must have the following in place:

A safeguarding policy either clearly displayed or available upon request (with a summary statement displayed).

A Welfare Officer poster and other safeguarding posters displayed.

Ensure safeguarding is covered in inductions for members, staff and volunteers.

Ensure that any events, activities and competitions are run in accordance with this guidance.


2) Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures

Venues must completed a Diversity and Inclusion policy and ensure that it is either displayed or easily available upon request.


3) Welfare Officer

Venues must have a Welfare Officer who has undergone the necessary training.

To achieve this standard:

Every Welfare Officer must have a satisfactory Criminal Record Check.

They must complete the Level 1 basic awareness course and then the Level 2 course within 3 years of completing it.

To see what is required around the club from a Welfare Officer, please check out the role description.


4) Criminal Record Checks

Venues must ensure relevant staff have satisfactory criminal record checks. Please see the DBS Overview page to see which roles at your venue require DBS checks.


5) Risk Assessment

All venues must complete an annual risk assessment of their venue and facilities, which can be done using the LTA’s online risk assessment portal.



6) Coaching Safeguarding Standards

For venues to register, it is mandatory for them to ensure that all Level 3-5 coaches operating at their venue are LTA Accredited. This means the coaches will have completed the appropriate safeguarding training, first aid training and undergone DBS checks. 

From 2022, all Level 2 coaches will also require accreditation.

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