The Bucks Junior County Closed is our annual county championships, with events for all age groups from 8U to 18U. We also run open men's and ladies singles events. The 2022 competition will take place at the end of August, with venues to be confirmed.

In 2021 we were delighted to be able to run a full county closed event again, with the return of the open competitions and the doubles. We are grateful to the 3 clubs who agreed to host events for us: Chesham 1879, Chesham Bois and Great Missenden. You can find all the winners below.


Junior County Closed



Open Ladies Singles

Open Mens Singles

18U Girls Singles

18U Boys Singles

16U Girls Singles

16U Boys Singles

14U Girls Singles

14U Boys Singles

12U Girls Singles

12U Boys Singles

11U Girls Singles

11U Boys Singles

10U Girls Singles

10U Boys Singles

9U Girls Singles

9U Boys Singles

8U Girls Singles

8U Boys Singles

18U Girls Doubles

18U Boys Doubles

14U Girls Doubles

14U Boys Doubles

12U Boys Doubles

10U Girls Doubles

10U Boys Doubles



Aneka Patel

Joel Good


Aneka Patel

Joel Good

Helena Ullyatt

Josh Oakley

Robyn Went

Ashton Taank

Shravanti Venkatakrishnan

Mohan Mehta

Mia Krishnan

Nicholas Morrell

Papaya Douvall

Oliver Westbrook

Ella Insley

Alex Salifu

Gracie Tickler

Ryan Westney

Aneka Patel/Millie Day

Calum Fairey/ William Mottram

Maisie Seedel/Shravanti Venkatakrishnan


Charlie Harvey/Oliver Connor

Harshim Khan/Kyle Babbage

Chrissie Kay/Papaya Douvall

Ethan Lee/Oliver Westbrook


Anna Micu

Calum Fairey

Anna Micu

Jack Shawyer

Cassandra Emmanuel

DJ Mentiply

Maisie Seedel

Charlie Harvey

Maisie Seedel

Kyle Babbage

Charlotte Dobby

Mohan Mehta

Charlotte Dobby

Daniel Boyle

Maddie Bergrova

Alex Vout

Ariana Sitkovetsky

Theo Whibley

Chloe Salloux/Ella Widdowson

Alex Pennycooke/Finn Lester

Georgia Mackay/Robyn Went


Ashton Taank/Krrish Patel

Oliver Osborn/Oliver Westbrook

Molly Dallas/Tess Reid

Ethan Smith/Thomas Skinner