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Senior County Closed


In 2020 we relaunched the Bucks Senior County Closed competition, with the aim of making it a permanent fixture within the county calendar

We are grateful to McCarthy Stone for sponsoring the 2022 Buckinghamshire Senior County Closed. The 2022 tournament ran with 5 singles and 5 doubles events in total. The finals day was held at Halton Tennis Centre on Sunday 2nd October and you can find the full draws and more information about the event at this link

The slideshow on the right has pictures and results from the 2022 finals day. You can also find historical results from the competition here.



Women's O40s Singles

Women's O50s Singles

Men's O45s Singles

Men's O55s Singles

Men's O65s Singles

Women's O40s Doubles

Women's O50s Doubles

Men's O45s Doubles

Men's O55s Doubles

Men's O65s Doubles


Sophie Brown

Alison Longfield

Leonardo Munoz Zanni

Justin Stead

Andrew Soul

Helen Adams & Caroline Neil-Dwyer

Rebecca Burns & Rowan Fyfe

Dave Sellers & Justin Stead

Jonny Elder & David Kay

Andrew Soul & Graham Tallyn


Louise Dobby

Rebecca Burns

Gavin Ballance

Ian Kelly

Peter Norris

Sophie Brown & Alison Longfield

Liz Murdoch & Sue Soul

Jonny Elder & Alex Lorenz

Rob Clark & Richard Poole

Martin Blakstad & Ian Leek

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