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Best of Bucks Pro-Am

2023 marks a special year for Bucks Tennis because it is celebrating its 100th year. In 2023 Bucks are running a number of exciting events to mark the milestone of 100 years. One event was the Best of Bucks Pro Am which was held on the 28th May with Halton Tennis Centre hosting the event and organised by the Bucks County Performance Officer, Jemima King. The PROs consisted of: · Bucks County team Juniors · Juniors who have competed in International (ITF) and European (TE) tournaments · Members of the past and present senior county teams · Bucks County Coaches Following our centenary drinks receptions in March, we invited attending clubs to nominate two of their members to make up the ‘AMs’. Each AM was teamed up with a PRO and they played five matches in a round robin box, tie break tens format followed by another 3 matches in a compass style draw. The weather couldn’t have been better on the day and we had 96 competitors competing with smiles on their faces all afternoon. Throughout the afternoon the competitors were able to help themself to a delicious cream tea buffet put on by Halton. The final came down to Charlie Harvey and Venetia Cottman vs Lee Tribe and Emily Grainger. Lee and Emily came out on top and were crowned the Best of Bucks PRO AM winners. The event was such a success that we hope to run another one next year.

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