About Us

Bucks Tennis (Buckinghamshire LTA) is run by a team of volunteers who make up the Bucks Tennis Management Committee and other sub-committees which provide support and advice to clubs and teams in Buckinghamshire.

Meet our Management Committee

Rosemary Badman- President

Andrew Petherick- Chairman and LTA Council Representative chairman@buckstennis.com

Mary Crowshaw- Secretary

Andrew Soul- Treasurer treasurer@buckstennis.com

Janet Jamieson- Chair of Competitions & Tournaments Commitee

Huw Phillips- Chair of Commercial & Marketing Committee

Graham Tallyn- Chair of Wimbledon Ticket Allocation Committee wimbledon@buckstennis.com

Venetia Cosier- Junior Team Coordinator juniorcoordinator@buckstennis.com

Andy Giles- Adult Team Coordinator

Mike James- Coaching Representative

Joshua Card- Inclusive Tennis impaired@buckstennis.com

Stephen Biggs- Bucks Shield Mens mensshield@buckstennis.com

Susan Sheahan- Bucks Shield Ladies and Medley, Safeguarding safeguarding@buckstennis.com

Simon Reynolds- Area Representative

Avril Tarry- Area Representative

Jemima King- She Rallies Ambassador

Joanne Head- Co-opted Member

Nigel Willard- Co-opted Member

Anthony Heald- Administrator


Other Key Members of Bucks Tennis

Malcolm Jamieson- Junior County Closed

Peter Renouf- Bucks Veterans Shield